A personalised and guided journey to your right career option

It Works

  • Success Quotient

    Begin by taking a FREE Success Quotient. This test helps you to understand yourself better. It makes you aware of your inherent qualities.

  • Understanding Careers

    Understanding varied career options is important/needed before your shortlist career choice. Take a baseline test to assess your knowledge of various careers and career linked activities.

  • Explore Careers

    Explore Careers is a place where people get exposed to or get educated about careers. You will understand the meaning of careers, how to prepare yourself for any interested careers and plan a path for yourself.

  • Session 1 (Group Counselling)

    We are connecting you to your counsellor. As this is a group counselling session, we will assign you the best available date and time slot. You can continue your journey post completion of your counselling session. You will receive a confirmation email of your session shortly.

  • Psychometric Assessment

    Human beings have wide abilities or intelligences for doing things. This test determines and helps an individual to understand their dominant intelligences - that is how they best learn, work and enjoy. Combining these with your work helps plan a way to excellence.

  • Session 2 (Personal Counselling)

    Your personal counsellor will guide you to the process of understanding and planning your career path. They will help you to assimilate career information, guide you for the psychometric test and will work with you towards a career path best suitable for you. It is a step-by-step process and they will be with you every step of the way with their expertise, patience and guidance.

  • Report Card

    Now that you have traversed the journey of understanding and exploring careers the endline test helps to assess how much of the information you have assimilated. Take it for fun to see what you have learnt about careers.

  • Personal Counselling Sessions

    Now that you have seen your Report Card, you may have more questions about what has been recommended. Or anytime during your career exploration, you may have queries where you need guidance. We bring you endless one-on-one personal counselling sessions to clear your doubts and choose the best career option for yourself.

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