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Why is career essential and important for you?

 It secures your future
It secures your future
It brings you success
It brings you success
It helps you to achieve your dreams
It helps you to achieve your dreams

Since it is so much an integral part of your life it is important that shortlisting and choosing your career should be a well thought out process.

It is important to understand self – what you like doing, your inner qualities, the subjects that you enjoy and your hobbies. This needs to be meticulously planned and it can be done in stages:

Understanding Self

Understanding Self

  • This is to understand yourself – your inner strength – skills, values, traits, interest
  • Subjects which you find interesting and you want to learn more about
  • Things which you like to do and enjoy
Exploring Careers


  • Find out about varied careers which match your interest. Ex: you love reading, languages and to know about what is happening in the world. Journalism is something which may interest you.
  • Shortlist some careers which you find interesting and find details about these careers to explore and understand these careers
Selecting streams


  • The stream selection is very important. In most cases the adults around you advise you about selection of stream and subjects according to their experience and understanding of careers.
  • Streams should be selected based on your interest, the subjects you find interesting and it should be that it matches with what you like to do. So classes IX and X is the time to select your broad stream in accordance with the above – Ex: PCM or PCB