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Our Story

A 2018 Times Survey report shows that only 20% of employees are satisfied with their jobs and careers. One of the reasons for dissatisfaction is lack of interest in their current job.

There is a huge skill gap between the job market requirement and the students who are preparing for their future careers. This is mainly due to lack of knowledge in the environment in which the students find themselves looking for advice. Students are led towards traditional and well entrenched careers only. All pressure is towards a well-trodden path only. It does not take into account the inherent qualities of the individual student and their suitability towards a chosen career.

Our Story

This is an ongoing program for the last 12+ years in building awareness of students in making an informed career choice and towards a career path matching with their skill set and qualities. The aim is to make a student aware that they have:

  • Multiple options in life
  • To work towards a career path from middle schools itself
  • Understanding self – what are the strength and qualities they have. Psychometric tools aid in this
  • Exploring various career options matching with their skills and qualities
  • Planning for their careers by selecting streams and subject which they are happy with
  • Arming themselves with the knowledge in order to prepare for their continuing education path – which degree to pursue, how to get into the required course/s, etc
  • A fallback plan is also essential for each individual. To be aware of that and to plan the same

Getting ready for a career not only involves selection of career/s to plan and pursue but also involves developing skills required for a successful career. Communication skills, Soft skills, IT skills are required in any job. These have to be consciously pursued.

Working with more than 100,000 students, 500+ schools and more than 5,000+ teachers has proven that working in a job which someone enjoys gives satisfaction, happiness and a balanced life.

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