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Classes XI & XII

Class XI and XII is all about taking the first step to building a career path – how to continue my education which leads me to my chosen career. This involves:

It is important to understand self – what you like doing, your inner qualities, the subjects that you enjoy and your hobbies. This needs to be meticulously planned and it can be done in stages:

Career Path

  • In classes XI and XII a plan needs to be set which will help and guide towards achieving the set career path. Ex: Which subjects to choose, which entrance exams to prepare for, shortlisting degrees and colleges which may be pursued for furthering education
  • Always have more than ONE career option so that you are prepared for any eventuality

Continuing education path

  • Which degree to pursue, till what level and how to crack the first step into a career of my choice.
  • You may be inspired by people around you while planning your future but you will need to explore in depth to understand about the career that interests you. Only after careful introspection should you:
  1. Select your stream
  2. Select your subjects
  3. Shortlist your career choices
  4. Start preparing for pursuing your career path